Packet Tracer and Java

Packet Tracer in Cisco Academy assessments may be blocked by Java security restrictions. To ensure you can complete the Packet Tracer assessments, perform the following steps:

1a) Click the Windows Start button, then type java, then select Configure Java (the Java Control Panel appears)

1b) Click the Security tab of the Java Control Panel


1c) Click the Edit Site List button (the Exception Site List appears)


1d) Click the Add button (a new location field appears)

1e) In the Location field, enter

1f) Click the Add button (a new location field appears)

1g) In the Location field, enter

1h) Click the OK button

1h) Ensure that your Java Control Panel appears like the screenshot above (with and in the Exception Site List).

2) Go to and follow the on-screen instructions to ensure your device meets the minimum requirement needed to run assessments that contain Cisco Packet Tracer activities.